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Sky Jinks - Atari 2600 VCS (4/20/2006)

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Othello - Atari 2600 VCS (4/20/2006)

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Sonic The Hedgehog - Sega Master System

Tetris 2 - NES


~About Our Game Reviews~

The Game Reviews here in The Backwood Realm cover mostly the first 3 or 4 generations of video games (Basically from the onset of the consoles in the mid 70s to about 1996, or the tail end of the Super NES and Sega Genesis era.) This particular approximately 20 year era in video gaming history is of the most interest to me, as it was basically the birth era of the video game, and it's most explosive period of growth and development.

Games that will be included in the reviews archive will cover all systems, including the occasional arcade game and PC/Computer game as well.

I generally only review games as I come to them, since my interest in classic and near-classic gaming is so extensive. I don't generally concentrate on one system for too long...I may bounce from the SNES to the Genesis, to the Atari 2600, then to the get the picture. Also, I only have so much time in my life, and a very small percentage is devoted to this website (including "The Backwood Realm"), so I add them as I can.

Found a game you think I might be interested in reviewing? Send it to me at this address:!

~Our Rating System~

Being as our site is just beginning, this rating system at the moment just covers the overall quality of the game. I may add ratings for graphics, sound, etc. later on in the site's growth, but for now each game will be rated on a "5-star" system, not unlike many other review sites. So, if you see "" in the ratings area of a review, the game is rated with "3 stars". Well, I suppose they're Backwood Realm Systems logos, but you get the idea.


~Review Categories by System~
(As our site is still new, some sections are not done yet. Underlined links are sections that contain games currently. More to come!)


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Atari 7800 ProSystem

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Family Computer ("Famicom") - Japan

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Sega Genesis and Megadrive

Sega Master System

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