Tim's Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom SuperSite

This site is the result of my research of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and it's older Japanese cousin, the Nintendo Family Computer (or Famicom, as it came to be known.)

All the information on this site has been found online, and can usually be found elseware. The thing is, there is no one place/website where all the information posted here can be found, such as the way Atariage.com has has posted much in-depth information on the cool Atari game consoles of the late 70s/early 80s.

The information contained in this site is as accurate as I can possibly make it with the knowledge and sources I have gathered it from. Any inaccuracies are possible, but much of what I will post here I have found on more than one independent web site, so it should be at least somewhat accurate. Any conflicts I discover will be documented.

All site navagation can be done from the sidebar. Enjoy!

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