My Video Game Collections - Past and Present

This page is dedicated to my hobby of classic video game collecting. I first became interested in older games when I was about ten years old (1992), when I acquired an Atari 2600 with five games (Combat, Pole Position, Haunted House, Pac-Man, and Demons to Diamonds). It was interesting, as at the time, the newest system I had was the then-current Nintendo Entertainment System. This new acquirement actually had joysticks!

For a couple of years, I played with my 2600, acquiring several more games by trading things at school (including a rather rare early 80s Milton-Bradly "Pocket Simon" that I regret losing to this day). I think I had 20 some games when all was said and done.

By the time 7th grade had come around, I lost most of my interest in the old 2600 and was playing my Sega Genesis and Super NES more than I bothered with that. I lost about every game over time.

In 1999, I acquired a bunch of Atari 7800 games from a friend at school who thought I might be interested in them. This caused me to think about getting my hands on one...I had gotten one back in '93, but I had let it go to waste least I couldn't find it. I found the "Mario Bros." cartridge from my 2600 collection, and I was on my way. My very first eBay transaction was back in 2000, purchasing an authentic Warner Communications-owned era Atari 7800 Prosystem, the rarest of the 7800 consoles.

I have been acquiring games ever since, through eBay, thrift stores, and various other sources. My collecting has spread out at times to the other 8-bit Atari systems, the 8-bit Nintendo NES, and the 16-bit Sega Genesis and Nintendo Super NES, and even some Japanese Import stuff.

This page is a revolving creation, as is my collection. As of this first writing on the page, I haven't had a chance to count my games. Fairly accurate estimates are provided where I can.

Below are my collections, from 2003 to present. I began collecting Atari stuff and Nintendo NES stuff heavily in 2002. I have since sold my original NES collection, as well as my Atari 5200 collection (twice, actually), and my Atari 800XL 8-Bit computer. 


firstpic.jpg (98070 bytes) This is the first photo I did of the collection. Not everything in the collection is pictured. I don't think I have EVERYTHING in one photo anywhere. I don't own 95% of the NES games in the tower in the rear, or the Japanese Imported Nintendo Famicom AV on top of the little black television (with the colorful cartridges.) The Atari 2600 carts are in a cardboard display originally used for flower seed packets! Also, above the white Famicom's box, the tall blue cartridge is an Emerson Arcadia 2001 Cartridge (From 1982). Rare stuff!
FAMIAV.jpg (81212 bytes) Japanese Nintendo Famicom (Family Computer), the Japanese counterpart to the Nintendo NES. Only difference is the cartridge pinout and case style. Much nicer labels than our US ones. Games Pictured: F-1 Race and Namco's Quinty. Both unreleased in the US, both should have been. Good games. Why the heck did I sell it? I want it back!
SMB3JPN.jpg (96736 bytes) Nintendo Famicom Version of Super Mario Bros. 3. They got it in 1988, we did in 1990.
EXBKJPN.jpg (60936 bytes) Nintendo Famicom Version of Excitebike. ROM in the cartridge is identical to the US version.
SMUSA.jpg (77587 bytes) Nintendo Famicom "Super Mario USA". We know this game as "Super Mario Bros. 2" here in the USA. Japan's Mario 2 was basically an enhanced Super Mario Bros. 1 with new, harder levels. (We actually saw it as the "Lost Levels" game in the Super NES "Super Mario All Stars" release in 1993.) Japan later got this game (in 1992) for their Famicom. We got SMB2 in 1988 here.
ATARI03.jpg (74833 bytes) The Atari 2600 collection in 2003, with the wireless sticks and a lot of games.
ATARI04-1.jpg (58260 bytes) My Atari 2600 Video Computer System, Atari 5200 SuperSystem, and Atari 7800 ProSystem collections, early 2004
ATARI04-2.jpg (76128 bytes) Same collection a few months later, having grown immensely, at this point including an Atari 800XL 8-bit computer with some games and a trak-ball. I have since sold the 5200 and the 800XL.
COUCH2.jpg (65000 bytes) My 1978 2600s with the wireless sticks, as well as the 5200 with a Redemption 5200 Sega to Atari 5200 joystick adaptor. A must have from if you actually want to PLAY your 5200.
COUCH1.jpg (86126 bytes) Another shot of the 5200, along with the 800XL computer w/it's games and trak-ball controller.
5200.jpg (78234 bytes) The 5200, with Redemption 5200 adaptor and a stock joystick. The big part above the cartridge slot flips up to store the huge controllers. All controls (start, reset, and pause) are on the controllers. Thought to be the first gaming system with a pause feature to pause gameplay. Released in 1982.
7800.jpg (76911 bytes) The 7800 with it's original box
800XL.jpg (62985 bytes) The Atari 800XL computer. This is the picture I used to sell it on eBay after enjoying it for a few months. One of the most attractive looking computers from the era in my opinion.
2600REMO.jpg (54799 bytes) My pristine condition Atari 2600 Wireless joysticks. Made in March 1983. With manual even!
ATGAMES1.jpg (294992 bytes) Nice close-up of the 2600/5200/7800 Game and manuals collection.
ATGAMES2.jpg (316646 bytes) The other half of the huge collection! Have since sold pictured 5200 carts, but have purchased 5 or 6 new 2600 carts.
NESGAMES.jpg (102771 bytes) The NES cartridge collection that I used to have. Sold most of these with the system. That auction paid most of the down payment on our house!
NESEBAY.jpg (82013 bytes) Photo I used for that successful NES auction. I kept the best games for me. I have since picked up another NES for only $1 at a yard sale, just tonight I cleaned it up and got it working w/a power adapter from eBay. Forgot how much I loved Tetris and Tetris 2 until tonight...:)

More to come soon...:) I have more stuff than seen above...

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