Livin' In Buddha: Final Edition!


Livin' In Buddha, Final Edition, is the final release of "Livin' In Buddha", or, as I know it, "Livin' In Buddha 1". (Yep, a sequel is in the works!)

This version has lots of new and improved goodies in it! Take a look:

  • Windows configuration and shortcuts

  • Animated Chevette races

  • TeRDscript driven prompts (see this for more info)

  • Chevette race track editor

  • Much more improved and challenging gameplay

  • "Bar Graph"-like fighting routines (see screen shot), it's kind of got the "Pokemon" thing going for it.

  • Limits on times you can "Flirt", "Hear the Bard", or "Race" in any one clan

And that's just to name a few!

Installing LIB 3.1 Final Edition

So, you want to try out LIB: FE? No prob. The full version is available for download FREE. Installing it can be tricky, but if you stick closely with the following instructions, you should have no problem at all the installation.

First off, you need to download the game itself. To do so, click on the following link.

libfe.exe (209kb)

Save the file where you know where it is! When it's downloaded, run it from wherever you saved it by clicking "run" on the start menu.

Now, you're ready for the instructions. The screenshots were taken under Windows ME, but shouldn't be much different for other windows versions (from 95-NT on up, anyway.)

Here we go...

You should've run the program as you were instructed above. If you have, you will be greeted by this screen:

DO NOT change the path! The game, being somewhat sloppily and primitively written, will only run if the folder "LIB" is on the "C" drive. Change NOTHING and just click install.

The game is installed, but there are no shortcuts on the start menu. If you're okay w/this, you can stop here. If you're no good at running software w/out having something on the Start Menu to click on, continue reading.

NOTE: Way back in March '03, when this page was originally added to, one user brought to my attention the fact that the following method for adding the LIB shortcuts does not work in WIndows 95, 98, and NT. The reason for this is that the shortcuts that I made and packaged with the software were made in Windows Millenium Edition (Windows ME), and therefore only work with Win ME and up (ie; will work with XP and Server 2003 (Windows 2000 has not been tested, though, considering it's close proximity in age to ME, should work as well.) -Tim, 11/16/03

Adding your own shortcuts to these programs often WILL NOT WORK! there is a folder in the folder of "C:\LIB" that can be copied to your start menu using the following method:

  1. Click "Run" on the start menu.

  2. click the "Browse" button in the window that appears.

  3. at the top of the "Browse" window, where it says "Look in:", click on the down arrow at the right of the rectangle and select your "C:" drive.

  4. Look through the folders that appear and select the one that says "LIB" next to it. Double click that folder.

  5. the screen in the following picture should appear. It may look a bit different, dependant on what windows version you're running. RIGHT click on the folder titled "Livin' in Buddha Final Edition", and select "Copy" from the menu that appears (See following picture)

  6. Close the browse and run windows by clicking "cancel" on each of them.

  7. Next, RIGHT-click the Start Button. Click "Explore" from the menu that appears (see following picture.)

  8. Double click the "Programs" folder in the window that appears. (See circled item in next picture; double click that.)

  9. Right-click any part of the white space in the next pane that shows the contents of the "Programs" folder, and a menu should appear as follows:

  10. Click "Paste" (the item circled in red in the above picture), and the folder "Livin' In Buddha Final Edition" should be placed in your start menu under programs. If it is not, repeat from step 1.

If you have too many problems installing LIB:FE, feel free to email me at with questions.

3/25/03, 11/16/03, 7/11/04, 8/27/04, 6/11/05 Tim Wray, Backwood Realm Systems