30 Years of Compact Disc Print
Written by Tim Wray   
Monday, 11 May 2009 09:12

Seems that back in March, the CD turned 30 years old. The original prototype of the Compact Disc was introduced to the world by Royal Philips Electronics on March 8th, 1979. This was CD prototype introductionamazing technology when I first got my hands on a CD player in the early 1990s, especially when all I had been used to was noisy takes-forever-to-rewind cassette tape.

Originally meant for music, by the late 1980s CD-ROM drives were beginning to appear on various computer systems as a means of transferring large amounts of data, playing games, and installing software.

CDs, along with their cousin the DVD, will for some time remain a very common way to transfer software, data, and music, even in light of flash memory sticks, due to their permanent storage nature (they're great for creating a physical archive of data.)

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