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Written by Tim Wray   
Friday, 24 April 2009 06:44

Back in 2003, when I first launched "The Backwood Realm" in it's v2 format, I did it with Yahoo GeoCities. I eventually purchased my first paid hosting and domain with them. Granted, within 2 years I had a ton of trouble and couldn't get any tech support on it and switched hosting entirely, it did the job early on.

I read in this article over at TechRadar UK that Yahoo is going to close GeoCities entirely this coming summer. They purchased GeoCities 11 years ago for only $3.57 billion back before the .com bubble popped.

Geocities on 1-28-99 This is yet another 1990's icon of the internet going offline due to the changes we've seen since 2000. The advancement of the web with new "cloud" technologies, blogging, and Web 2.0 technologies like "Facebook" and "Twitter" are great, but it's still sad in a way to see the old way of doing things going by the wayside....like when people who wanted to put up a homepage actually had to know at least SOME html to do it.

I know the Lycos owned sites are still around (Tripod (where I launched my first pages) and Angelfire come to mind), but I have a feeling they won't be around forever.

Goodbye GeoCities...some loved you and some hated you...and I'm still unsure how in the world a site that provided free page hosting space was worth $3.57 billiion...in 1998...perhaps ad revenue is worth looking into.

(pictured is a screenshot of GeoCities just after being acquired by Yahoo. 1/28/1999. Courtesy the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.)