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The Backwood Realm BBS - Accessed by clicking here. This is a Telnet-based bulletin board system. You don't need a telnet client to try it out, there is a flash-based telnet client that allows you to get into the system with one click. (If you do wish to telnet, use a terminal such as Syncterm and telnet to bwrbbs.ddns.net.) Once you fill out the info the first time, you don't have to again. Try out our Door Games, such as "Legend of The Red Dragon" and "Barren Realms Elite". Download some files using a telnet client, such as the cross-platform Syncterm. Just like 1996, man. This BBS is literally hosted off a Pentium 4 desktop computer on top of the fridge in my kitchen. It's legit. There's also a web interface at http://bwrbbs.ddns.net that is great for using the message areas. It's always a work in progress, so if things are broken, well, they are.

Information Technology Commentary - Short articles written by myself that cover interesting things in the world of IT that I run across or have experiences with. I am a graduate of ITT Technical Institute Indianapolis with an Associates in Computer Networking Systems Technology, and have been learning about, experimenting with, and programming computers since 1996, with 5 7 years of full time employment experience to help sharpen my skills. Hopefully I can pass on some things I've learned that will help some of you when you're in a pinch.


Amateur Radio Commentary - I have been a HAM radio operator since April 1998. I gained my Technician license from the FCC at that time, and I passed my morse code exam and written test for the General Class license in 2005. I haven't been as active on the HAM scene the last couple of years as I used to be, but I still enjoy the hobby from time to time. Call is KB9SNL. (Kilo Bravo 9 Saturday Night Live!)


Antique Radio Information - I collect (and would collect some more if I had space) antique radios, and I have learned how to work on them extensively, restoring two and have 3 more on the workbench waiting on some rainy or snowy day for some more work. Articles of this nature seem to bring more traffic into The Backwood Realm than anything else so far, and I hope to write more articles on the subject in the future. Keep a look out!


Retro Gaming Commentary -I love me my old video games. I love Atari, 8-bit computers, Classic Arcade, Nintendo/Super NES, Genesis...you name it. I love talking about it, playing them, collecting cartridges, all of that. Good times!


Motorcycling and other various - I have most recently gotten back into motorcycles and motorcycling, something I did off-road when I was a teenager, and now I have just gotten my first street bike, so I expect I'll have a few things to write about in this area of life sooner than later too. You never know what else may show up on the Backwood Realm. Could be anything I get interested enough in to write about.


The site gets it's name from a name I made up for my original BBS when I was a Freshman in High School in 1996, "The Backwood Realm BBS". I consider December 27th, 1996, the date "The Backwood Realm" was established. From that time on, I was very interested in computer programming, and the name stuck to my many efforts through the years, cumulating in "The Backwood Realm" in 2002, which is now in it's 6th revision (technically the 7th I think, I had a v2.1 at one point..)

Here's a quick look back across the history of the Backwood Realm, including the earliest websites I created with a similar theme that I still have at least partially in my archives:

This site exists solely as a hobby site. It is kind of a blog and kind of a place to me to toy with freelance writing, web development practice, and other random programming related things. Due to this, I do not have article comment sections. Usually hateful sorts show up there anyway, so I don't even bother with it.


Want to get in touch? Drop me an email at: tim at backwoodrealm.com



-Tim Wray, site founder