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Written by Tim Wray   
Monday, 12 January 2009 13:51

What is WEB 2.0?

That's a fine question. I have viewed this term very cynically over the last year, as I didn't understand it's context. Wikipedia defines Web 2.0 as "The historical context of web businesses "coming back" after the 2001 collaps of the dot-com bubble, in addition to the distinguishing characteristics of the projects that survivied the bust or thrived thereafter."


That definition makes much more sense, especially since I had assumed that they were trying to define the way we use the internet, or (the real reason it erked me) that the way they're doing things online now is something "new" compared to the earlier WWW era (somewhere from 1993 to 2001). I have heard sites such as Facebook (www.facebook.com), Flickr (www.flickr.com) and Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) referred to as "Web 2.0". In reality, the technology, and I mean ALL of the technology, powering these extrememly successful websites prexists the dot-com bubble burst. PHP, MySQL, Java, ASP.NET, all of it.


Things like "tag clouds" and blogging have been named as part of "Web 2.0"...and while this is perhaps true, and comes closer to defining the true meaning of Web 2.0, are just web trends. Some will stay with the internet for the rest of it's existence, while some will go by the wayside. I'm sure here in another decade or so we'll hear about something they will want to call "Web 3.0"...call me on it if you will, I'm sure it will happen.


Mostly, Web 2.0 is yet the latest play on the "version number"...further proving it must be cool to be nerdy. I've seen version numbers on Music Albums, DVDs, TV Show titles, and yes, even "The Backwood Realm" uses a version number that is updated each time we do a major redesign. At this writing, it's version 6.0, therefore, "The Backwood Realm v6".


Even Microsoft is returning to the version number, albiet (so far) they're calling the next version of the Windows OS "Windows 7" when it's real version number is v6.1. That just seems, well, ignorant to me...