The Definitive History of Backwood Realm Systems: 2006 PDF Print E-mail

10 years of what? FUN!

December 27 of 2006 marked 10 years of my first use of the name "Backwood Realm" on anything computer-related. The first use was as the name of my BBS, "The Backwood Realm BBS" in 1996.

Lots has happened in 10 years, as you see when you go back through the history pages. I've been trying to find more stuff from the older years to add, and I have managed to update some of it. More is to come! It has been a blast, learning the ins and outs of the Information Technology industry, and learning to understand the technology itself. It's also fun to look back at myself, from age 14 to age

In April of '06, Lacy (White) Hawkins contacted me to see if I could possibly create a wedding slideshow for her. I had actually purchased my Dell Dimension 2350 in 2003 just for the purpose of creating multimedia DVDs, in particular, creating DVD content. I told her I thought I could pull it off, and when her wedding in July came, I had managed to create quite a presentation. I was at the wedding, and it was so exciting to see something I had created (with Melissa's help this time) being viewed by so many people (it was a rather large wedding.) It went off well, so I seriously considered doing it like I had previously thought about...going into a side-business creating slideshow and video presentations.

I pondered this more as the rest of the year unfolded, and I began to experiment and practice the art of digital video editing some more through Christmas.

In December, a position was posted on the bulletin board outside of the packaging room at work. It was for an Information Technology Help Desk position, particularly for someone to answer the phones and send out their service requests. I didn't care what it was, as long as it was in the IT department.

I applied, and then waited. You'll have to read the (soon to come) 2007 page to see what happens next... :)