The Definitive History of Backwood Realm Systems: 2005 PDF Print E-mail

Did anything happen this year?

2005 has been a slow year for BRS...I didn't really accomplish anything new. I seem to have taken back my theory on the abbreviation of BRS...I've managed to continue using BWRS more often than I've meant to.

Back in May, a billing snafu got my domain messed up matter who I emailed at Yahoo Geocities, or called, or mailed, they were too ignorant to even realize what was wrong with their account said it was active, yet the domain and webspace itself wouldn't allow a login...only to their "control panel" for the website. Their webhosting service was really crappy anyway. But anyway, that gave way to the current domain, which is basically the same minus the dash: Funny, as it was supposedly unavailable a very short time before...

The v3.0 version of the site was the last site up at the address, and restoring it with the new hosting service was more of a bear than I wanted to undertake (changing pic refs and link refs in the HTML would have taken longer probably than designing a new site), so I just rescued things like the LIBv3 download page and this history section. v3 didn't live very long, really...just a short time after v2.1 was killed for a business page (Backwood Realm Web Development), that I axed late in 2004. v3 was up when I wrote the 2004 update to this section.

The Backwood Realm v3 site. I liked this design, just would have taken a lot to restore it.

Honestly, though, 2005 had very little new development for BWRS. Now, don't get me wrong, I worked on a LOT of things this year. With Ben being so young the earlier part of this year, I didn't get much uninterrupted PC time for development of ANYTHING hardly ever. I did good to keep what I had up and running!

I did manage to redesign "The Backwood Realm" and add several things to it. "BWR Game Reviews", "BWR Library", and several smaller add-ons were given to the new site. I opted for a more simple graphics approach...every BWR site up to this point has been done in a white text on dark (mostly black) backgrounds. This one I did the good old fashioned way, using tables on a standard black on white scheme. I'm still sticking with the Arial font, though, as I have on all versions of The Backwood Realm EXCEPT the original v1 site in 2002. That, by the way, is why these history pages are designed like they are...and why they're the only part of The Backwood Realm that retain the standard "Times-New Roman" typeface. (UPDATE: as of 3/26/07, even these history pages have succumb to the Arial reformatting! :) )

The Backwood Realm v4 - Originally hatched 6/4/2005

I did work on a little DOS programming...but only in bits and pieces...time just isn't my friend any more! Nevertheless, I did begin on a DOS sequel to Livin' in Buddha: Livin' in Buddha II: Era of Strange Happenings. The storyline is sort of a mix of the old "Operation Redneck" story, Livin' in Buddha's original storyline aged by several years, and some other stuff.

It's a wicked mix of my E3 program, my RealmScript and TeRDscript scripting languages, and some fresh code for the front end. 99% of the text, prompts, and ASCII graphics are done using RealmScripting, and a small portion (very small) is done using TeRDscripting (Mostly the map editor for E3.) It's going to be a True BWR creation, basically a game written in a language I designed myself. Some screenshots of the creation thus far are included below.

That's pretty well it for 2005, I think. Will I actually get any of the above program done? Well, as of this minor update in 2007, nope, because it really isn't going to be useful in the future. Just a fun thing I managed to get working it's just a conversation piece, along with all the previous QB stuff I wrote and compiled back in the 90s.