The Definitive History of Backwood Realm Systems: 2002 PDF Print E-mail

2002 didn't necessarily have any new software releases, due to LIB FE (3.0) falling through because of the hard drive failure. 

2002 did, however, bring us the first version of "The Backwood Realm" web site, version 5.1 of which you are looking at right now.

2002 also brought a newly-redesigned Backwood Realm Systems "diamond" logo, seen at the very bottom of each page on this site near the copyright info. It was designed in Corel Photopaint 4, a 16-bit Windows 3.1 version running on Windows ME. (I was poor!) I designed it in 1 day (April 26, 2002, to be exact) after experimenting with several different ideas.

The logo is based on the original logo I'd semi-accidentally created with DOS ASCII character graphics in 1998 while coding Livin' In Buddha. (That logo is seen at the top of the composite.)


I liked the fancy-font one, but realized that it might be difficult to use on advertising or duplicate, so I selected a simpler font. I like how it turned out.

 Just because there were no software releases in 2002 doesn't mean I didn't do some programming. I created the basics of a programmable charactar-graphic game engine for DOS role playing games, and I also began a new Sci-Fi text RPG called Alien Destructor. I intended to use some of the new toys out of LIB FE 3.0 in Alien Destructor, and both titles would have depend on TeRD technology to display most of their menus and text graphics. I continued to study the concepts of Networking and picked up more than my share of C++ in college at ITT.

A stand-alone command line version of TeRDreader was released in 2002 as well. It could be run from the command prompt, where it would prompt for the .TRD script to run, or it could be fed it's data by a drop file from any program written to utilize it.

I also recall (and at least one point recently ran across) some advertisement media I had created, intending to launch Backwood Realm Systems as a full-fledged small business. Money talks, though, and as I obtained my degree in Computer Networking Systems in December, Melissa and I were still working our tails off in less than pleasant employment for less than pleasant compensation, not to mention the less than pleasant living conditions we continued to experience!

2003 got a little better. I would land the job that would eventually lead me to career employment in IT a mere 4 years later....