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Slowing down and changing directions (or speeding up?)

Y2K. The bug didn't bite. Well, if you were running MS-DOS (Pre Win9x, anyway) your date would reset to 1981, but you could manually reset it to the correct date, as I found out.

I began my last semester of high school in January. Sometime in the first semester, I had said that I would be the secretary for the "Business Professionals of America" club at the Vo-Tech. As a matter of fact, Mr. Yeary had talked all of us (being the only group of seniors, and the entire Computer Programming II class (all 5 of us)) to be the officers of BPA. I don't recall attending a single BPA meeting or event, but regardless, I present to you page 140 of the Bedford-North Lawrence High School "Reflections Vol. 26" 2000 yearbook:

This yearbook page could very well be the most fabricated yearbook page in all of history. I remember a very frustrated yearbook person asking us all these questions, to which we had no answer. We posed for some pictures and told him to make up quotes for us, which he basically did. We just cleared them. The photo of me hard at work on the bottom right "concentrating on how to program software" is actually me deeply engrossed in a tough game of Team Fortress Quake against the other 4 guys (the pic of Matt Fish at the top is of the same, regardless of description.) Good times, good times.

Two of our group besides myself went on to ITT Tech in Indy at the same time I did in June of 2000, and I even followed them through many quarters. Alex "Luch" Luchaeur made it out on time, I made it out 6 months behind in Dec. 2002, and I don't know if Kyle Hutton finished or not. I don't know what has become of Matt Fish, but Clayton Barnes works in IT at Cook Inc. with me today as a programmer. He always was the one who was actually paying the most attention! :)

(The previous November, I had requested information on ITT Technical Institute from a "recruiter" that had visited my economics class one afternoon. They had me recruited by February 2000 and enrolled.)

In 2000, I kind of stopped on the QuickBASIC programming. It was becoming quite apparent that MS-DOS was being completely phased out of the Microsoft Windows operating systems with the release of Windows Millenium Edition, and my beloved QB was 12 years old THEN. I had toyed with Visual Basic ever since version 2 was released, and it was similar enough that I managed to write a Windows version of my Inventory Organizer (see 1999 section). I tried to come up with some new ideas to write in VB, but WHAT to write kind of stumped me. I really didn't care for digging through my old QB code trying to create the same things in VB. It just didn't matter that much.

(TALLpage 2000, one of my many "free" websites from 2000. It was named after my CB Radio handle from years before, "Tallman", and was also my known Marching Band nickname (yeah, you know, band nerds are people too...))

TP2K was followed by "Backwood Realm Systems " for the first time. This is a links page (the only still existing in my archives) from the site, created in the summer of 2000. The file date of this html file is Aug. 27, 2000. It was from the first "Backwood Realm Systems" website. Color scheme look familiar? The links give an idea of what I was into at the time. Nerd stuff. Suprised? I had a thing for abandonware at the time, thus the "Rotting Software" section.

2000 seemed like a big year then, looking back...well, it's hard to say. They were all BIG years. (-Tim, Dec. 2007)