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Written by Tim Wray   
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 19:00

Back when I was a short Timmay in '96 or '97, I was ignorant of how to generally use a computer. (Okay, I admit, I was the same height, but not the same girth, LOL!) It was suggested, at one point, by Abel I think, to run "MSD" to find out my system specs. Who remembers MSD? Some might...the diag tool that came with MS-DOS and (I think) Windows 95.

As you can see, it was a basic system analysis tool. For many years, I missed this tool, and of course, had different ways of determining the different specs of the machine, from going into the bios itself, or looking through the device manager at the different components...there are lots of ways to do it.

Now, for many years, there has been another method, a modern MSD if you will...Microsoft System Information. I'm unclear as to whether or not this tool actually comes as a part of Windows, or if it rides in with Microsoft Office or even something more uncommon like Microsoft Visual Studio. As far as I can tell, it has been included with Windows since at least Windows 98. How do we launch this program? Well, this might hurt those who are icon-bound, ie, those who cannot run a program unless a shortcut on the desktop or quick launch container has been made for them. It's not even (gasp!) on the start menu!

The quickest way to learn all about your computer is to click start, then run (up through XP) and type "msinfo32" and hit enter. In Vista, it's even simpler, just enter "msinfo32" in the search box on the start menu and hit enter. Voila! Everything you could ever need to know about your computer's basics in like 10 seconds.

msinfo32.exe output in Windows Vista

MSINFO32...don't forget it, particularly I ask you what your computer is/does, and especially if I'm fixing a problem for you over the phone ;).