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Written by Tim Wray   
Wednesday, 03 October 2007 19:00
I found a website today that makes me want to revive somdething deep in the past of my PC experimentation...the bulletin board system. A little site called “The BBS Corner” (http://www.dmine.com/bbscorner/), which provided a pretty decent list of still operating BBS Systems in the world, most of which are accessible via the Telnet protocol, and some of them were even still accessible via a modem connection.

I'm thinking I'm going to locate one of my older PCs in my mess of junk and bring it up to operating capability, and install some sort of BBS on it. I believe I am going to run Windows NT 4 as the OS, and Synchronet as my BBS software. Or maybe 2000 server, I'm still not sure. I would like to try it under linux eventually, or FreeBSD, though I've never used FreeBSD. I may someday, who knows? I'd like to see a big LORD war go on one of these days, just one last time. Pllus I wouldn't mind trying to port my old game, LIB, to the BBS side, as that was the original ideology behind it in the first place. I suppose I could port any one of the older versions of it to load it's data from the drop file the BBS leaves, but it's not really a big deal, I don't suppose.
We will see...
*UPDATE* About a year after this article was originally written, I launched the Backwood Realm BBS once again. It can be reached by clicking here (requires Adobe Flash Player) or by telnetting to bwrbbs.dyndns.org, or dialing in (for the time being) to 812-277-7390 with your terminal software and modem! <---Returning soon! It is running Windows 2000 Server SP4 and Synchronet, assisted with some software I've written to enhance various things for The Backwood Realm.
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