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Written by Tim Wray   
Sunday, 01 March 2015 14:13

Just for fun, I was browsing through my code archive of various languages, that dates back to the earliest items I still have, from about fall 1997.

When I took notice of QB64 in 2009, I ported the color version of "Bar Clock", another program I wrote when I was learning to program, to Win32. At that time, though, QB64 was not yet capable of using all native QB64 code. In subsequent releases, this was rectified.

Today, I chose to port BibleSMART II, a Bible quizzing game I wrote in May 1999 across two after school evenings when I was a junior in high school. It was the "sequel" to a game I wrote in 1998 and distributed among friends on diskettes. I wrote it due to my wish to initially submit the original "BibleSMART" (see here) as my final project for my Bible Literature class, but was displeased with many things in the original that I had since learned to code more properly or efficiently. I chose to start from scratch.

That being said, much of the code in BS2 isn't very efficient at all, I was just a few steps beyond beginner, really, but it was not an awful end result for a seventeen year old kid.

Comically, I recall carrying my parent's IBM desktop, 15" CRT and all, into school to demonstrate it. I had been informed that students were not allowed to install any software on school system computers. I get security and all, but something still seemed counterintuitive to learning about that to me. I doubt it is much of an issue today if this is still in place, as much development today is web focused, vs. OS/executable focused as things still were in that era.

To try it out, simply download the zip file from the link below, unzip it in any folder of your choosing (be sure to keep the files in the zip all in the same folder!), and double click bs2.exe.