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The Only IT Pro With No Smart Phone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Wray   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 07:07

For the last few years, people ask me why I don't carry a smart phone. It is simple. I don't need a smart phone. I need to get out of debt.

On one side of the coin, particularly the working world, people assume, with good reason, that all IT professionals play with the latest gadgets and blow a fair chunk of their income on the latest thing as fast as they can.

On the other side of the coin, some of us have families, a single income under $50k, and bills to pay.

The only personal advantage I feel could be gleaned from a smart phone is getting your e-mail on the go. Honestly, though, do you really want to be that tied to work all the time? Does your availability via e-mail really need to be as high as your availability via telephone or SMS Text, which you already have on your current phone? Do you REALLY need the internet by your side at all times?

There is one advantage to those of us who program and make money off of it, and that is the development of apps. Honestly, though, I have been able to develop on most platforms via their development kits, which include emulation on other hardware for testing.

Today, for those of us who aren't making a ton of money each month, the smart phone is still not applicable if you are serious about not constantly being in debt and always watching your money fly out the door, as I am.

I would probably consider a smart phone if it did not include the carriers tacking on a rather large monthly fee for the privilege of using their data signal. That is insane. I already pay for internet via cable TV, I just don't see a reason to carry a higher cost on a phone that I carry with me all the time.

I cannot often see myself needing the internet that badly while I am out and about. I do remote work from home, yes, but generally, that can hold off long enough for me to return home from where ever I am at.

We need to stop shoveling money at the telecom companies and use it to pay down our debt. It is the only way any of us in Generation Y will manage to retire with any sort of wealth...we have to save the money up and invest it for our own future. As my good radio friend Dave Ramsey says..."Don't rely on social insecurity as your retirement income!"