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Written by Matthew Abel   
Friday, 30 December 2011 12:23

Using Skype Connect as both an Inbound and Outbound Trunk

This document is intended to provide some basic guidance in configuring Skype Connect as a bi-directional SIP trunk in Trixbox. I have been using Skype Connect since it was beta, and had some odd issues that never seemed to be mentioned elsewhere. Perhaps I'm just lucky that way.

The most frustrating problem I ran into involved the trunk either receiving external (inbound Skype) calls or dialing external (outbound Skype) calls, but never both. It got to the point where I could add a space in the host: entry in the trunk settings to receive calls, and delete the space to make outbound calls. Talk about annoying.

To clarify a bit, the configuration I am posting here is working 100% for me now. Inbound and outbound calls function perfectly with an external DID.

I'm going to skip some the settings here, mainly because they don't make a lot of difference. Make sure that you have entered the correct number of channels (You need at least one!!!), and that you do NOT have Disable Trunk checked.

The outgoing rules are dependent on your location. If you are in the US, you probably need something like this, but using your area code and local prefixes:

Take note that Skype expects all numbers passed to their trunk to include both the country code and the area code, so you can't dial 555-1234 even if the number is local to you. To make the call work, trixbox needs to pass the full 11-digit number: 1-317-555-1234 Of course this example is only for systems living in the US. At any rate, adjust your dialing rules accordingly.

Outgoing Settings

Trunk Name: Skype (This is really arbitrary)

Peer Details:

Incoming Settings

USER Context: (your SIP user from your skype connect profile)

USER Details:


Register String: (Your SIP User from your skype connect profile):(your password from your skype connect profile)@sip.skype.com/(Your SIP User again)

The register string should look something like 99051000000000:LoTsOfLeTeRs@sip.skype.com/99051000000000

In theory, this should have you up and running.