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Android and Dell Streak 7 are SWEET! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Wray   
Saturday, 23 July 2011 10:31

I recently was lamenting about how much I no longer seemed to find much joy in computing in general, whether I was using a gaming console, a PC, or any other processor/display driven piece of gear.

Then, a project at work required testing of several different Android tablets.


I quickly discovered that Android is one of the newest "Experimenation" operating systems. My tablet of choice, which I ended up purchasing from the company, is the Dell Streak 7. Mine is Wifi-only, though I can certainly see advantages and the freedom of moving freely about with a constant connection to the internet.

In the past, I have generally avoided the topic of mobile devices on The Backwood Realm, mostly because of my personal lack of experience with much more than Windows Mobile. I'm thinking that, with the (totally unexpected by me) rebirth of tablet computing, thanks to the iPad (which I was sure would not catch on, as so many past devices, including past Apple devices like Newton, had failed to catch market share), I am going to have to begin delving into new items on "The Backwood Realm" involving mobile.

So far, my experience with Android has been very positive. Apps like the Youtube App and Facebook are top-notch, though I occasionally find myself missing features on the Facebook app (such as posting photos to events, to name one) that are available and obvious on the full websites from a PC.

I am a fan of Latitude, and the beta Navigation tool from Google. I found that if you preload a route in Navigation, you can then drive away without the internet connectivity, and it will keep you on the path as long as you stay on it or at least near it. It cannot recalculate your route without an internet connection.

Other favorites thus far are Maildroid, which allowed me to use our in-house SMTP server on Microsoft Exchange at work properly when the built-in client would not, and the built-in Gmail client, which works very nicely.

More to come as I get more in-depth with my Dell Streak 7.