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Written by Tim Wray   
Monday, 07 March 2011 17:30

As long ago as June 2009, I was touting loudly how terrible Microsoft Internet Explorer had become, both in terms of suspectability to Spyware/Malware and in standards compliance.

I didn't notice it myself until March of 2008, when I was developing a website for someone and had trouble with some CSS involving menus and formatting, and realizing that IE6 was cutting corners off the bottom and everything else.

Looks like Microsoft recently began trying to further ward off their 2001 browser, which was the preinstalled browser for Windows XP for its entire run. They recently launched a website, http://ie6countdown.com, actively campaigning to move the world off of Internet Explorer 6 and onto more modern browsers.

It is about time.

They even include code to put into your website so that if someone surfs in with Internet Explorer 6, it will give them a warning that the browser is outdated. I will be adding that code to The Backwood Realm, naturally.

It is refreshing to see, that as of this writing, United States usage of IE6 is under 3%, and only 12% worldwide. In 2008, it was still 50% or more.

To put the age of IE 6 in perspective, Internet Explorer 9 will soon be in full release, making version 6 look particularly old. Youtube, Facebook, and many other major sites have already dropped support of 6, which was easily the most prevalent browser in history because of it's association with XP, easily the most resilient and common Windows operating system to date.