Windows "DOS Shell" command to *NIX Bash Conversion Chart PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Wray   
Saturday, 31 January 2009 13:51

This is a little chart I started a while back to help me use my proficiency (and preference) for configuring Windows workstations/Servers via the command prompt for working with Linux in a Bash shell.


It's not quite complete, but there's enough here to allow a *nix n00bie to get around okay without needing to point and click everything in X in order to get things done.


DOS prompt to Linux bash Conversion Chart

attrib -> chmod
cd -> cd
cls -> clear
cmd -> bash
copy -> cp
command -> bash
date -> date
deltree  -> rm -R
dir -> dir
dir -> ls
edit -> vi
help -> tab {To list commands}, man (command) {to show help}
ipconfig -> ifconfig
ipconfig /release -> dhcpcd -k
ipconfig /renew  -> ifup eth0
more -> more {use piped. Ex: "ps ax | more" or "ls | more"}
move -> mv
md -> md
mkdir -> mkdir
net start (servicename) -> rc(servicename) start
net restart (servicename) -> rc(servicename) restart
net stop (servicename) -> rc(servicename) stop
runas /user:administrator (program) -> sudo (program)
rd -> rm
rd -> rd
rmdir -> rmdir
shutdown -> shutdown
time -> date
taskkill -> kill
tasklist -> ps, ps ax {for all system processes}
> -> > {directs screen output to file. ex: "ls > file.txt"}