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Written by Tim Wray   
Thursday, 12 July 2012 07:21

Tablets are such a trend. I get so tired of how all the major tech websites, such as ZDnet and Computerworld, go so nuts over mobile technology. First, it was the iPhone. Then, it was Android. After that, the iPad.

I have a tablet that is used at work. I use it to simply enter work orders, but more often than not, I use it for viewing things. I often hear folks say things such as:


"Tablets are content consumption devices."


If that is true, why are so many people swearing up and down that these devices will replace the laptop computer for most people? I assume that is because most people don't use their laptops and desktop computers like computers, for doing tasks, they use them like a television set or a radio. They are for play, they are for watching a movie or listening to music. They are, in fact, ONLY consumption devices. If you believe otherwise, you do not understand how to fully utilize a computer for content creation. Editing a photo in Photoshop Express on an iPad or Android tablet is not content creation. Writing functional software or doing true post production on audio or video is best left to something that you don't recharge with a wall wart or cigar lighter port on your car.


There are a few mobile zealots who say things like "I bought an iPad and added a folding keyboard, and I NEVER use my PC/Mac/Pen and Paper for anything, EVER. I will never need such a device again."

I find this curious, as I'm not sure how taking all the extra steps to deal with severely less featured "Apps", and dealing with printing, or dealing with sites that don't properly support the mobile platforms makes using a tablet a better, more enlightening experience.


All I can assume is that these folks don't actually use their computer for anything mentally challenging, aside from a round of Angry Birds maybe.


You can't even develop a good app for any of these devices without an infinitely more useful laptop or desktop computer to run the programming environments in.


I have had people at work freak out on me at work because they see these tablets, they see touch, and they literally declare, out loud, that they are a "game changer". I believe they speak these things as if they are game changers for the manufacturing industry, which I believe is far, far, far from the truth.


These devices are for a kid playing a game, checking the weather, seeing how much money is in the bank, and making everyone else think (or prove that) you have a ton of money and style. They are nearly useless for manufacturing data entry.


I fully expect that the tablet trend is just that; a trend. If they are here to stay, they will remain a niche, which is what they still are in the market now. They will not replace the computer in the marketplace entirely, ever.