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Marks of Accomplishment

Outside my window here in Fayetteville blows one of the biggest, deepest snowstorms on record as I update this little history page for 2004. It's the day before Christmas eve, so I think it's time to complete this page in BWR history.

Our first child, Benjamin Michael Wray, was born on November 24th. Life is moving even faster still, and is becoming very much different quickly.

For practical matters, I decided late this year to (try) to stop referring to Backwood Realm Systems as BWRS, namely for grammatical reasons and the fact that I'm becoming a bit more visible in the public eye (more on that later.) In the name, "Backwood" is one word. BWRS would work if it was spelled as "Back Wood Realm Systems", but it never has been. Being as I created the name for the BBS in 1996 (when I was a freshman in HS), my grammatical skills may have been less than adequate. So, for those of you who are so very used to "BWRS", start getting used to "BRS" as the short-hand version of the total name!

I dabbled in some DOS programming for a couple of days this past october, namely on the uncompleted works of E3 and Alien Hunter. One was a game engine and the other was a total game. Both were the most in-depth complicated works I'd done in QB, overshadowing the droning crappy code of Livin' In Buddha with sleek design and quick speed. I doubt they'll be re-visited, though.

The one IT-based accomplishmet of '04: Launching of two semi-major www sites that aren't just a hobby! One is for profit, one is a volunteer for a not-for-profit I'm a member of.

In Jan '04, the Hoosier Hills Ham Club voted to allow me to re-vamp their dead site. I built a new one and gave it a dot com. The result is nice, with 405 TerraBytes (yeah you read right, TB) served since February of this year. It is probably the most item with a BRS label on it ever to date. It officially became on Feb. 22, 2004.

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Late this fall, I negotiated my first official contract with Praying Hands God's Gift, a basket/craft business owned by my aunt. The site is getting attention, only being a month and 1/2 old at this point.

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2004 was pretty good to us overall. Not much got done as far as production of software, but websites brought us through perhaps in a better way. Being in the public eye on the world wide web could be a great segue to a software release someday. Perhaps that someday will occur in ahead to see...

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